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Love cycling, Love lifes!

Posted by LiHobo on

During this period of time, I love cycling. I found the cycling are so difference then walking, climbing, and driving, it gave me a different feeling.

Walking is too comfortable and only turning around my house, you can’t go far away, those scenery are the same and I have bored; Climbing is very nice, the more you go up to the mountain, the scenery are more beautiful, you’ll get a good mood, but it’s too tired, sweaty, we climbing occasionally but not often.

Riding is so different. The right speed of wheel but no need wider or good way, you can ride on any streets, mountain roads, and pathways. Any time, no plan, no destination, just go, Any streets, groves, and parks that you have never meets. You can find a different city, Difference buildings, difference people, different scenery...

Riding is relaxed, breezily, you only need to ride on your bike and move your feet, the bike will take you go, and it even climb uphill but no need too much heavy work, so you can go very far. The bicycle can carry on much stuffs you need on the way, It can attaches many accessories just as on handlebars, crossbars, and under seats. If you install baskets in front, or a bracket at rear of the bicycle, that's even more, maybe you can turn around city or country.

After had a bicycle, I really like it, and want to install everything gadgets on it. One day I found a very cute store and their brand names “ECEEN” , I really interesting their products for cycling. I installed a ECEEN led saddle bag under the bicycle seat, it can show the turn and warning signals to other biker or driver behind me, then keep me more safe, Cool!

I also installed a ECEEN bicycle speaker on the handlebar, the speaker made by EVA and there with a case, so the sound very nice and deeply, and the speaker just in front of me, so the sounds are flowing to me perfectly. When I ridding on the way, the lightly breeze, the wonderful music, nice of scenery, I feeling the whole body was free...

And there have many solar products for choice in ECEEN store, I choice a ECEEN solar hydration bag, the cute backpack comes with a 2L hydration bag, which provides enough water for walking. And built a removable solar panel, it’s very lightweight and powerful, after got this bag, my cell phone never powerlessly. I like to take pictures and record videos, The battery of phone exhausted very fast, thanks to the solar panel, there are no need to worry about the battery running out. The slim bag also looks cool itself, You can put glasses, towels, power bank, mobile phones, food, clothes and other carry-on items in your backpack, it’s very convenient.

After had a bicycle, I found that I don’t want to stay at home anymore. Sometimes, a ancient wall makes me stop for a long time, A wild flower stops me taking a lot of pictures, Especially, I can’t go when there a places with streams.

Sometimes, I passed by a big tree, I’d like to look at the tall and straight trees, and thought a lot of things for a long time, He may listen a lot of stories, read a lot of news, watched many scenes during hundreds of years. Right now, The city of people are working very hard and busily every day, Fighting for money, housing…  Whether the rich or poor, the men or women, how hard life it is. In big tree’s eyes, life is just a moment in the vast galaxy, and it will become nothing eventually...


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