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Getting your portable solar panel for backpacking trip!

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This is a video product review of the ECEEN solar charger, this is a foldable solar panel charger for iphone, smartphones, tablets, gps units, speakers, gopro cameras and other devices.

This is a 13 watts solar panel, it's a nice compact case, we've got solar panels on top, and at bottom on the back there have two USB type A ports. That you can use for charging when you to charge something, you need to have this in direct sunlight, this does not store power, this is a charger only, it's very simple, all I need to do is plug in the cable, you can see the lights are coming on, so this is going to charge. The solar panel not charge indoors.

This solar panel also comes with four hooks, so that you were able to attach the solar panel to your backpacks, you can hang it on anywhere.

solar battery charger

The price is reasonable, why did I buy this charger, Because I just had an earthquake here about half an hour ago, but last week I had a power failure for nine hours and my battery banks were dead, I had no way to charge them, I had no power and that's when I said I need to get a product that's going to take care of me during an emergency situation.

solar power bank

This solar panel is great for camping, this is great when you're in the car you're on a long trip, you don't have access to AC power you want to charge your cell phone, your games whatever you've got in the car, when you're on the road, when you're stranded, when you're in the middle of nowhere, you want a product like this, that allows you to charge your power banks or your cell phone, your smartphone, your GPS unit and your earpods.

best solar chargers

This from ECEEN the solar charger foldable solar panels, a wonderful thing to have for peace of mind and safety during these times that we're living in. I recommend you purchase the ECEEN solar panel, thank you!

Your can get the 13watts and 20watts solar panel as below link:

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