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ECEEN Solar Charger Manual-- The instructions, Cautions & FAQ

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ECEEN Solar Charger Manual

Thanks for purchasing our solar products. Please read this User Manual thoroughly before use of the product and retain it for future reference.

The solar charger is a power generate device from the sun, then converts sunlight into electricity and charging electronic gadgets such as Mobile phone, Power bank, GPS, Digital Camera etc. It is Light weight, portable & foldable, It’s easy to carry on, and easy to hang on backpacks, tree branches, tents etc.

Package Contents
1 x Solar Charger
4 x Stainless Steel Hooks
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Using Your Solar Charger
Charge Your Device
1. Unfold the charging panels and make sure to place them under direct sunlight.
Tip: Make sure to expose the panels to as much sunlight as possible for faster charging.
2. Plug your charging cable into the USB-A port then connect your device to the solar charger.
3. Charging will start automatically with the LED indicator staying solid red.
· The solar charger does not come with power storage functionality. Only when exposed to direct sunlight can it charge your device.
· It is not recommended to use your device during charge for faster charging.
· The optimum charging time may vary with local environment.
· Place your device beneath the solar charger or in a well-ventilated place during charging to avoid overheating

Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Solar Cell
Efficiency: 18~24%
USB Output: 5V 2.1A Each (Max)
Fabric Materials: Poly with PVC coated
Color: Black, Blue, Camouflage Etc. Optional

Using Environment
1. Optimum working temperature: -10-60°C / 14-140°F.
2. Do not place the panels in high temperature places like sand, cement, rock for a long time.
3. For faster charging, place the panels under direct sunlight. Do not use the unit behind the windshield / glasses or indoor.
4. Inadequate sunlight may slow down or pause the charging process. Device not supported prompt may pop out if you are charging iPhone or iPad. It is recommended to unplug your device and charge again when there is enough sunlight.
Note: It is not recommended to charge more devices at the same time when sunlight is inadequate.


· Keep away from liquids.
· Keep away from extreme temperatures.
· Keep away from flammables.
· Never try to dismantle, repair or refit this unit by yourself.
· Avoid dropping.
· Do not place this unit outdoor in rainy days.
· Do not scratch surface of this charger with sharp objects.
· Do not squeeze this charger.
· Device being charged in direct sunlight will become hot, pay attention to overheating.
· Keep the charger clean. Wipe it with soft cloth. Never use corrosive liquids on this unit to avoid damages.
· Keep out of reach of children.
· Dispose this product as per local law and regulations


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is foldable solar charger waterproof?
A: The folding solar charger is weather resistant which means it will resist the occasional rain or snowed, it is not design for immersion in water.

Q: What’s devices can charged with this solar charger?
A: The foldable solar panel output is 5V. So it is can charge Cell phone, MP3 players, Tablets, Some of Digital Cameras, etc. other’s 5V device.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge battery pack or mobile phone from empty using ?
A: The charging time will be difference based on foldable solar charger power, Sunshine and power bank or mobile phone capacity etc.
Generally speaking, for 13W solar charger, under clear sunny days, charging iPhone 7 time is around 2 -3 hours, the charging time similar to AC charger.

Q: How long can I get best performance from the foldable solar panel?
A: You should ensure the solar charger is outside in direct sunlight and that the solar panel is in no way shaded. For best performance, the solar panel should be perpendicular to the sun.

Q: Why is the charging time increased when I used the foldable solar charger behind windows?
A: Some windows might have been tinted with solar film that black infrared/UV light. This will reduce the solar cell efficiency, hence increased the charging time.

Q: Can I charge my devices in Cloudy day?
A: Yes, it is ok to charging devices in cloudy day. But the charging efficiency will be lower down .and the charging time will be prolonged.

Q: Can I charge my devices in home lighting?

A: No, The solar foldable charger can not charging devices under home lighting.

Q: Failed to charge my devices with the solar charger.
· Inadequate sunlight leads to charging failure.
· Indirect exposure to sunlight (e.g. cloud or shadows from other objects) may lead to current output fluctuation.
· The solar charger can not charge your device in cloudy weather.
Please place the solar charger under direct sunlight or wait until the sky is clear of cloud.

Q: What’s the optimum charging angle?
A: Fully unfold the charging panels and place them under direct sunlight.

Q: Charging speed is low.
Charging speed varies with the sunlight intensity.
· Temperature too high. The energy transformation rate will slow down when operating temperature is over 60°C / 140°F and charging will stop if temperature reaches 80°C / 176°F.
· Please make sure the charging cable connection is secure.
· Device is overheating or you are using your device during charging.

Q: Do I have to fully unfold the charging panels?
A: You can charge your device via 1 or 2 pieces of charging panels in direct sunlight. But the charging speed would be lower.

Q: Will charging resume automatically if there is enough sunlight?
A: Yes. But we recommend you to unplug the charging cable and plug it back into place again to avoid delayed charging, low charging speed, or charging pause.



· 12 Month Warranty.
· Life-time Support.

Note: This warranty is void if the defect is caused by
· Damage caused by force majeure.
· Accidental damage, misuse, abuse, neglect.
· Improper repair or alteration by unauthorized persons.
· Expired warranty period. 


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